Nintendo Will Make Sure You Can Watch Their E3 Presentation

E3 takes place June 5th through the 7th this year and there will be coverage all over the internet. Heck, even we’re going to have impressions and trailers posted all over the site for many of the games shown at the event. Nintendo’s press conference takes place at 9:00am PST and will be available for viewing at Nintendo’s E3 site. If you prefer TV then both Spike TV and MTV2 will be showing the event commercial free. There will also be a stream of the press conference on Facebook.

“We don’t want anyone to miss the energy and excitement of this year’s E3 Expo.  By offering different ways to tune in and follow all the Nintendo news, we aim to make fans all over the world feel like they’re right there with us at the show.” – Cindy Gordon, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Here is a list of all the ways that you’ll be able to view Nintendo’s Press Conference that day.

The Official Nintendo E3 Page (
Live on Television via Spike TV and MTV2
Nintendo’s Facebook Page (
YouTube (
Twitter ( will be live-tweeting the event.

We’ll have plenty of coverage of many of the games shown off that day beginning in the early afternoon through the evening along with our thoughts of the games as we see them. Of course we’ll have plenty of pre-E3 coverage with a round table on Monday from the crew talking about what they hope to see at the event, followed by another round table on Friday with our thoughts as we wrap up coverage of E3 this year.

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