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The Opinion Herd: E3 2012 Predictions

As of this article we are just four days away from Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference where they will hopefully be putting to rest all of the rumors about what their new system is going to be like. We should hopefully learn about the controller, what games will be available when the system launches and a general time frame for when we can get our hands on the little white box (assuming it still is white). Nintendo has been playing everything very close to their vest and the internet has been on fire with speculation for the system. Don’t forget they also have a handheld device to talk about as well. With all the talk about what Nintendo is going to do and whether or not Sony and Microsoft will discuss their next systems, we couldn’t help put toss our two cents into the ring. So, “Give us five of your predictions for what people can expect to see at E3 this year.”

Tony Says: I think it’s going to be a fantastic show, especially if you’re a Nintendo fan. Like I said in my article earlier in the week I think Nintendo really has a chance to innovate on a console controller in a way we’ve never seen before and I hope that they take full advantage of that. Sony and Microsoft fans are going to be holding the fort until next year when they’re new consoles are revealed, but I think there will be a lot of great software for those fans as well.

1. I think Nintendo is going to reveal they are moving forward with 3DS and Wii U connectivity. To that end they will announce the Wii U will allow you to use a 3DS as a second controller for the system in addition to the primary Wii U controller.

2. Luigi’s Mansion 2 (you knew I had to talk about it) will be announced for an August release and will have 3DS Circle Pad Pro support.

3.  Nintendo will announce that games downloaded through the eShop will be compatible and playable on both the 3DS and the Wii U.

4. The Wii U lineup will include a number of first and third-party titles that will be catered towards the core audience. Many of the third-party titles could be ports of 360 and PS3 titles, but a number of them could be exclusive. Nintendo will announce a new core franchise for Wii U that we’ve never seen before.

5. Retro will announce they are, in fact, working on Metroid Prime 4. The game will be ready for Wii U launch and could include some sort of 3DS support as well.

Shelby Says:

1. Nintendo will announce a new Gyromite game that features a virtual R.O.B. on the Wii U controller.

2. Microsoft will end there show with a live demo of Halo 4.

3. Sony will reveal Quantic Dream’s next game which will make use of extensive motion capture.

4. EA will show a trailer for Dead Space 3 with a release date of late 2013 or “later next year.”

5. Kevin Butler will be announced as a playable character for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Steve Conger Says:

1. Blizzard Brings the Demonic Fight To Consoles. After experiencing the “lowest common denominator” design approach in Diablo III, there’s no doubt in my mind this is one of the most obvious predictions out there. Assigning active skills to a controller’s face buttons and using triggers to toggle a diffent set of them on or off is pretty easy to accomplish.

2. New Super Mario Bros. 2(3DS) Brings the Triumphant Return of Wart, Birdo, Triclyde and Company. Why? Because Nintendo, as a whole, has been steering away from the adversarial mainstays of their major franchises and plus, it’s been far too long since the last time I entered the giant clay pot of a Cobrat.

3. Sony Announces the Acquisition of OnLive and Effectively Delivers On the Promise of a Ten-Year Console Cycle With the PlayStation 3. Think about it, this is how Sony finally brings cross-game voice chat to the hardware PLUS futureproofs itself by being able to deliver visuals that would be far above it’s limitations, transforming the PS3 from a console to a “platform” — one that could integrate the PC community and offer intersting deals to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

4. Eternal Darkness 2 Rears It’s Gorgeous Head. There’s been a pretty huge amount of clamoring over the years for a follow-up to what many believe to be the GameCube’s crowning achievement (and gaming’s, for that matter), but is this the year that our prayers will be answered? If the recent rumbling of Silicon Knights “returning to their roots” are true, then the only question left is whether or not their recent track record can be an indicator of quality.

5. Dragon Age III Will Be Revealed and Slay All. Despite all of it’s problems, Dragon Age II was a semi-step in the right direction. The combat was refined, but repeated environments and a lack of emphasis on true role-playing held it back from being legendary. BioWare listened, but this one is totally dependant on the purse strings of Electronic Arts.

Micah Says:

1.  Capcom Vs Snk 3, but I’d settle for a PSN/XBLA release of CvS2

2. Lego The Lord of the Rings

3. Smash Bros Wii U

4. New Metroid for Wii U and 3DS

5. Nintendo Network and eShop overhaul that permits Shelby to finally buy Metroid on the Virtual Console

Shannon Says:

1. Nintendo will announce only one tablet per Wii U system 😦

2. We’ll get nothing more than a teaser for Smash Bros.

3. Microsoft will close their conference with a tease for a new console.

4. I’m still holding my ground on Seagate (or maybe WD) having external drives for Wii U. Not sure if we’ll see this at E3 but if Nintendo says external drives only, you can bet your 3DS they have something in the works.

5. And lastly, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 3D.

Gaz Says:

1) Zelda 3DS to be unveiled With the world’s media focussing solely on Wii U, it would be easy to forget about the 3DS at this year’s E3. So what better way to bring the attention back by giving a first look at the all but confirmed Zelda 3DS? Beyond the end of the year, the 3DS is looking somewhat empty in terms of releases again, so giving Nintendo fans a massive title to look forward to at some point in 2013 will help maintain 3DS interest while the Wii U launches.

2) Paper Mario to make it’s third consecutive appearance Back in 2010 Nintendo unveiled Paper Mario 3DS, a continuation of the Paper Mario style last seen in The Thousand Year Door. Last year the game appeared once again in trailer form, giving literally nothing away in terms of gameplay or style. So will 2012 finally see the game blown open? Realistically this has to be the year Paper Mario 3DS steps up its game; Q4 2012 needs a big hitter, and a return for one of Nintendo’s most under-appreciated, yet beloved franchises could be that title.

3) Wii U launch line-up tentatively revealed, surprising everyone with it’s brilliance Everyone with inside knowledge has come back with good news about the Wii U launch, with GameTrailers’ Shane Satterfield leading the charge by saying people will be surprised by how good it is. Nintendo appear to have learnt from the 3DS launch, so expect a New Super Mario Bros Wii style game, alongside Pikmin 3 and perhaps even Retro’s project. We already have a reasonable idea of some third-party games, such as Assasin’s Creed 3 and Rayman Legends, but don’t be surprised to see Black Ops 2, FIFA 13 and maybe even a new Sonic game from a curiously quiet SEGA announced at the show.

4) eShop will be showcased, made possible by Valve Last E3 a rumour spread around the show that EA and Valve were bidding on being the developer behind Nintendo’s new online service on Wii U. Since then we’ve heard nothing, although perhaps tellingly, Valve’s Gabe Newell has said he is impressed by the system. This year I expect Nintendo to roll out Valve as their latest partner, and to discover that Nintendo Network is powered by Steam. The potential of Nintendo and Valve working together is mind-boggling, so perhaps there is even a chance of a day one eShop download of Portal 1 & Portal 2, converted to Wii U. (Tony’s Note: Yes please. Make this happen.)

5) Zelda Wii U will be showcased as a brief trailer only Once again Nintendo decided to show off a system with an early tech demo of a new Zelda title, only to dash all hopes of it becoming a full game days later. This year I expect the same again, but this time the actual game to be shown, albeit in an early form. Nintendo need to show what Wii U can do, and they need to show that they can create HD games. Another NSMB game isn’t enough, but a new, expansive Zelda title is. Even if it is just Link running across Hyrule Field as part of a sizzle reel, Zelda Wii U is what the fans want to see.


You’ve read what what we think.  Now it’s time for you to speak up.  What is going to be announced at the show next week?  What do you want to see at the show next week or is there something that you think definitely won’t be announced?  It’s going to be an exciting show.  There’s no telling what you’re going to see.  Many of the companies that are going to be there are keeping things very close to their chest.  We’ll revisit this next week and see how well we did.

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  1. 1) Smash Bros. Wii-U will be shown.
    2) Smash Bros 3DS will also be shown.
    3) SEGA will show off Shadow The Hedgehog 2 and Gaz will go crazy. (Joking)
    4) The picture of the Wii-U Tablet next to Tony’s predictions will be the final design for it.
    And 5) Half-Life 3 will be announced after 6(thousand) year’s waiting.

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