Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 120

E3 is over.  Thank goodness.  It seems like the show couldn’t have come at a worse time for any of us here at Nintendo Okie.  You may have noticed Tony was the only one posting things last week.  Poor guy had to do it all by himself.  But we all found the time to get caught up (or mostly caught up anyway) so we could record this E4 podcast.  Yeah that’s right E4!  Not only do we have the normal crew but we manage to get Gaz on the show as well as, friend of the show, Steve Conger from thegamesmen.com.  It’s a good show, folks.  Enjoy.

Starring – Tony, Shannon, Micah, Gaz, Steve, Shelby
Run time – 1:49:49

Be sure to head over to thegamesmen.com for more E3 podcasting goodness from Steve (@jsslifelike).  You should also be listening to The Question Block.  Good show that.  As I say every week, send your emails to podcast@nintendo-okie.com and we will read them on the air.  You can follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our forum.  Now that E3 is over, let’s all take a nap.

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