Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 126

We got a long show for you today, folks.  This week, Tony, Micah and I are joined by Mr. Bad Game Beat Bown himself, Greg Little.  We talk about games of course, but at some point we go off on a tangent about junk food; Pop-Tarts, Cheetos, Doritos and a lot of other wonderful stuff.  I could talk about this podcast’s relevant information for a video game site, but y’all can figure that part out for yourselves.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Greg, Shelby
Run time – 2:06:56

If you feel you must voice your opinion about Pop-Tarts, send an email to  You can talk about Cheetos on our Facebook group.  Feel free to tweet us about Doritos right after you join our forum discussion about tacos.  Next week we are planning a ten minute video about donuts.  You should get ready for that.  Junk food trivia (maybe).

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