Pwnee Studios Audio Interview

We have a special addendum to the Okie Cast to help y’all make it through the week.  Tony and I have a chat with Jordan Fisher and TJ Lutz from Pwnee Studios.  We talk about their upcoming Wii U/Steam/”Other Platforms?” game, Cloudberry Kingdom.  We also find ourselves talking about Back To The Future, crustaceans, giant robots and, of course, food.

You better listen to this podcast for two reasons.  First, the Pwnee guys are hosting a contest where you could win $1000!  All you have to do is be the first to beat their upcoming game on the hardest setting.  Secondly, we are hosting a contest where you can win a beta code for Cloudberry Kingdom.  To win our contest, send an email to podcast@nintendo-okie.com and tell us the last two games Jordan and TJ have played.  Entries need to be submitted before 11:59 pm CST on August31st.  To get the answer you either have to stalk them or listen to this interview.  I’ll let you decide which.  We have several codes to give away and everybody that answers correctly will be entered for a chance to win.

Pwnee Studios Interview
Starring – Tony, TJ, Jordan, Shelby
Run time – 42:26

To learn more about Pwnee and Cloudberry Kingdom, you can check out the studio’s website or follow the guys on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.  As always we have our same mess of links that follow the podcast too.  Twitter, our forum, Facebook, YouTube, our podcast and our trivia show.

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  1. Fav Food Voltron

    Form oreo cookie feet and barbeque chicken legs,
    Form spaghetti arms and jello body,
    And I’ll form the marshmallow head.
    Form blazing carrot sword!

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