Extra Life is Coming Up Fast

There is one event that I look forward to every year more than any other and that would be Extra Life. This 24 hour video game marathon was started back in 2008 to raise money for the Texas Children’s Cancer Center. It has since grown to a worldwide event and all of the money goes to help the network of hospitals forming the Children’s Miracle Network. Nintendo Okie has been participating since 2010 and we’ll be doing so again this year.

We’ll be playing games for 24 hours on October 20th and we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for this year. Greg Little will be around to host a very special live edition of the Bad Game Beatdown. This is a popular event that started during the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition last year. Can the #3 Shaq Fu player get revenge on the man that took him out this year’s competition;  Rise of the Robots? Will I be able to control a bus on the streets of Tokyo? Can we all survive a play through of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords on GBA? Who knows. That’s only a taste of some of the things we’ve got planned for this year.

Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis

In full disclosure I work for the Health System that the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis is a part of. None of the money will go to me. All of it will go to help the kids who have the misfortune of spending time in the hospital. This year we’ve got something very special planned. On October 9th we’ll be going to the Children’s Hospital to play games with the kids that your donations go to help. We’ll be spending a good portion of the day there hanging out with the kids, playing games with them and generally helping them to feel better in whatever small way we can. We’ll have video and pictures from that event so you’ll be able to see just who it is your donations go to help.

I’m really looking forward to the event this year. It’s grown so much in just one year and being able to partner with the Children’s Hospital to help bring awareness to the event has been an amazing experience. We were contacted out of the blue and ideas just began flowing between us here at Nintendo Okie and the representatives from the Children’s Miracle Network. I have to give a big thank you to Carrie Modrak and Ricci Walton who reached out to us and brought us in to help promote this years marathon. They’ve been a huge help to us and have put their trust in us in ways I couldn’t have imagined before this year. I can only hope we’ve been half as helpful as they have. They’ve been able to partner with radio stations and businesses in the Tulsa area to spread the word and we’re doing our part to recruit players to the cause.

If you folks out there want to participate in this year’s Extra Life, it’s easy. All you need to do is go to and sign up. Play games for 24 hours on October 20th and tell your friends you want their help. If you want to donate you can go here and donate to help out our cause, or find someone in your area that is supporting the Children’s Miracle Network and donate to them. Our goal is lofty this year as we’re hoping to raise $2,500. So join us on October 20th. We’re going to be live streaming our 24 hours marathon over the internet, just like we have the last two years. We’ll be playing games and you’ll be able to join us. Keep your eyes on this post for more information as we get closer to the event. We’ll give you a full rundown of all the games we’re going to play, when you can play along with us and where you’ll be able to watch us play. You might even catch me napping as the event begins to wrap up.

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