Game & Watch Collection Impressions (DS)

game and watch collection

I had to buy a lot of Nintendo stuff, and I somehow missed out on that Kirby medal, but I finally acquired the Game & Watch Collection from the Club Nintendo rewards program.  Exclusive games are what really interest me with Club Nintendo.  I’m not really into the shoelaces or the notepads.  So far the only game rewards have been Grill Off With Ultra Hand!, Game & Watch Collection, Game & Watch Collection 2 and Doc Louis’ Punch-Out!!; the latter of which was a prize for achieving Platinum status.  I am now saving my points for G&W Collection 2 by the way.  It’s odd that these collections only have three games a piece on them while the G&W Gallery games ranged from four to 20 games.  Also, several of the G&W Gallery games featured both classic and modern versions of the old handhelds they replicated.  This collection does not.  Regardless of past releases, G&W Collection is a nice package and a cool reward for those willing to save the points.  It contains three G&W games; Oil Panic, Donkey Kong and Green House

Green House

The point of Green House is to keep bugs and other vermin away from your plants.  There are four plants you have to protect, spread across two different levels: two on the top screen and two on bottom.  The worms on the top screen green houseare killed by a single blast of your spray gun but the spiders on bottom have to be pushed back into their webs before they disappear from the screen.  This could take as many as five blasts.  This game is all about being in the right place at the right time.

Donkey Kong

Who doesn’t know Donkey Kong?  It’s cool to see this simple version brought back.  As always, you climb to the top of the construction site while avoid barrels thrown by the bad-tempered primate.  When you get to the top, you jump to the crane to remove a wire.  Once you remove all the wires, Donkey Kong falls and you rescue the girl.  Although it seems simple, if you try to rush things you might find yourself in a tight spot.

Oil Panic

Panic is right!  This is the hardest game in the collection.  You control your character on the top screen as you collect oil drops leaking from the ceiling.  However, your bucket can only hold three droplets.  You have to constantly be dumping your bucket out the window into the bucket of a NPC.  Yes, I just used the term NPC while talking about a Game & Watch game.  You can only empty our bucket while the NPC is under a window, of which there are two.  This mechanic makes the game far more intense as you have to think ahead with the timing.


This collection is a perfect reward for the Nintendo faithful.  The duel DS screens serve as a true venue to recreate the classic, double screen Game & Watch games.  It is however, a little expensive at 800 coins.  You can pick up all of the GB/GBC/GBA Game & Watch Gallery games for under ten dollars.  In theory you could have all these games (on three different carts) for 30 bucks.  But, if you like to collect games, as I do, then this is a must have for your DS collection.  I have all the Game & Watch Gallery games too by the way.

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