Kart Krashers Review (DSiWare)

kart krashers review Even with the new, shiny 3DS and Wii U, there are still DSiWare games coming out.  Oddly, I have to play these games on my 3DS as I never bought a DSi.  DSiWare games are pretty small and I honestly can’t name three off the top of my head.  This doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good on the service; I’m just weird.  So several weeks ago, I took on the review for Kart Krashers.  This has been a long time coming but I am finally writing this review.

What You Need To Know

As you might have guessed, Kart Krashers is a driving game.  As you might not have guessed, it is not a kart racer ala Mario Kart.  Instead you need to think back to a game called Smuggler’s Run.  For those of you not familiar with Smuggler’s Run, and those too lazy to look up the Wikipedia page, Kart Krashers is a game where you drive a kart in an open environment, gathering items and power-ups.  The point is to gather stars and rings to increase your score.  With each item gathered, your score multiplier increases for a time.  The faster you collect, the higher your score.  To help you are power-ups such as star magnets, rocket boosters and shields.  Trying to stop you are a few random enemies that don’t seem too bothered by your quest for points.  For each arena, of which there are eleven, you need to attain a certain rank across three events to advance to the next arena.  This is all loosely tied together by some story about exposing an evil conglomerate to the public.  However, as this was told through text bubbles that barely seemed to be related, I can’t say that the story does too much. 

Kart Krashers screen 2Sense Of Speed

Go karts go fast.  That’s the point; to go fast in an open vehicle.  Kart Krashers actually portrays a good sense of speed.  Given the kart you choose (they have different stats) you can zip around the arenas, take tight turns and hit some ramps for a little hang time.  Combine a ramp with a rocket booster and you’re in for a good time.  Sadly, this can also be Kart Krashers downfall.

Clunky Physics

Just now when I said “hit some ramps” I meant driving over one.  However, my several attempts to hit ramps resulted in smacking into them and getting stuck.  As I played, it became the norm to get stuck on corners and edges.  It was very frustrating to lose my speed or waste my rocket booster when I had a star in my line of sight.  To go along with that, I would often flip my kart over.  You can press the Y button to right yourself but I usually ended up flipping back onto my top three times before Y got me back on my wheels.

One Trick Pony

Playing the first level of Kart Krashers is pretty much the same as playing the last level.  While the developers do add some new things (like driving on the moon!) it’s basically all the same.  You drive around, collect stars, get stuck, flip yourself over and get stuck again.  The enemies and environment do little to detour you.  I only died once and I did it on purpose just to see what would happen.  As long as I didn’t get stuck too much, I didn’t have any problem getting the needed rank.

kart krashers boxartConclusion

Kart Krashers isn’t shovelware, it’s just a small game from a small developer.  It has some things going for it but, ultimately, is rather bland.  You can drive pretty fast but most arenas are too small to cruse at top speed for any length of time.  I had fun with Kart Krashers but it was short lived as I kept doing the same thing through the whole game.  But I did get to drive on the moon.  Thanks for that.

Final score – Two Stars
Total play time – 3 hours
Completed the story and beat each arena
Game provided by Big John Games

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