DLC And Multi-Player Announced For Pokemon

Man, when Nintendo found out that people really like to download new content for their games they jumped on the wagon hard. Pokemon joins Mario and Fire Emblem as the latest Nintendo franchise to offer paid DLC with the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

The game launches for the 3DS on March 24th and beginning on day one you’ll have access to four new dungeons. One of those dungeons, Poke’ Forest Mystery Dungeon, will be available to download for free through April 30th. No pricing was announced for the other dungeons. New content will be available regularly throughout the month of April.

To go along with the announcement of DLC Nintendo also says that there will be a new Companion Mode for the game. This new mode will allow up to four players to get together and explore dungeons in local multi-player play. Each player will presumably need to own their own copy of the game.

I like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. They’re fun little dungeon explorers and a bit of a break from the grind of the RPG.

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