It’s A Bear, It’s A Shark. It’s Bearshark

Okay, it’s actually not a genetically enhanced bear that has the ability to swim under water and swallow swimmers with a single gulp. It’s actually a new animated series coming to the Nintendo Video service on the 3DS. Nintendo announced today that they’re partnering up with CollegeHumor, the makers of my favorite 3DS show Dinosaur Office, to bring you the new animated short series.

Beginning tomorrow, Feb. 8th, new episodes of the series will begin appearing on the 3DS video service. According to a press release “BearShark is an animated series that follows a bear and shark tag-team as they cause hilarious mayhem over land and sea in their continued pursuit of a poor sap named Steve.”

If you remember back when the Nintendo Video service first debuted there was a series of about five videos that CollegeHumor produced that fans could vote on to become an ongoing series. Dinosaur Office won that initial vote, but I remember liking BearShark quite a bit. I’m glad to see it making a return.

Now, Nintendo, please make it so we can download these videos and keep them on our 3DS or make Nintendo Video a more on demand type of service. I’d like access to many of these videos for more than a week.

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