Capcom Says No Patch For SD Screens and Monster Hunter

I’m currently playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for review. I have both the 3DS and the Wii U versions. I’m playing the Wii U version on an SD TV, because that’s what I have at my house.

During my time with that version, I’ve had a lot of trouble reading the text on the screen because it’s so small. Menu options and inventory screens are generally readable, but the dialogue boxes have text so small that it’s almost unreadable. Since there is no voiced dialogue, all of the story bits are done in these small text boxes.

I asked representatives from Capcom about the text size problem because, while it might not be a large issue, there will be people like me who can’t fully enjoy the game because of it. There response to me was as follows:

No, there is no patch planned. The game has been designed to be fully enjoyed on an HD TV.

The saturation of HD TV screens is such that this won’t be a problem for most people that buy the game, but for those few still out there that haven’t upgraded, yet be warned your enjoyment could be impacted because of

8 thoughts on “Capcom Says No Patch For SD Screens and Monster Hunter

  1. Once they patch the game and add Off-TV play, this shouldn’t be an issue. Still, that stinks if you have an SD TV.

  2. I recall having the same problem with Dead Rising when that came out on 360 while I had an SD TV at the time. I left a very rude complaint and as far as I know they never patched that game.

  3. I would have sympathized with this a few years ago but now HDTVs are so cheap that you can get them for less than $200, so honestly its your own fault for spending $350 on an HD console but not having an HDTV. Again I would understand your complaint if this was the year 2008 but man, everyone who owns a current gen console *should* have an HDTV by now, especially if they really wanna take advantage of how good the games look.

  4. Just because it’s 2013 doesn’t mean people magically have money to spend though. Some people can only afford one bug priced item every year or they’re given a console as a gift. If they choose to purchase a console should they lose out on the ability to play games? Yes, TV’s are coming down in price, but that doesn’t mean they’re affordable to everyone.

    There are still plenty of people that have working SD Televisions that see no point in upgrading because their TV still works. Should they lose out on the ability to play games. The Wii is not an HD console. If it was it would be required, the same for the Xbox and PS3. Those consoles display in HD, but people with standard definition sets should be able to enjoy the same games as a person with an HD TV.

    No one can presume to know everyone’s situation and therefore saying that someone should buy an HD TV because they have a certain video game console makes you sound like you’re talking down to people.

    Consoles output in standard definition and therefore people who have standard definition TVs rightfully believe that any game they put in the console they bought should be playable. Until it is required that and HD TV is needed to hook up a console then it should be required that developers make sure their games work with every TV possible. Upping the font size on a game would be a small fix to make.

  5. If you can afford a WiiU, you can afford a HDTV – so, because you’re too cheap to buy a HDTV, it’s Capcom’s fault?

    1. Do you honestly presume to know everyone’s financial situation? You have no idea how much money someone makes and what they can and can’t afford. You don’t know how much they scraped together to be able to afford something. You don’t know how long they might have saved money to be able to buy one high priced item. Just because someone buys one large priced item doesn’t mean they can afford multiple large priced items.

      Just because you can afford to buy something doesn’t mean everyone else can as well. If this is someone’s first HD console they might not have gone out and bought an HD TV yet. You say $200 is cheap for a TV, but for most families in this country $200 is not cheap and it takes months for them to save up for that.

      So blanket statemtents saying because you can afford item A means you can afford item B are clueless and misinformed.

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