Aero Porter Review (eShop)

ap1We’ve all seen  when Ben Stiller’s luggage gets lost in Meet The Parents because the airport put it on the wrong flight, right? It’s that movie that told me to NEVER check my luggage on a plane, “If I can’t carry it on, I don’t need it” is my motto. Aero Porter from Level 5 is a game that explains how all this lost luggage is actually the fault of one person. It puts you in charge of sorting the airport’s checked bags on to their specific flights. Good luck!

What you need to know

Aero Porter is essentially a ‘falling block’ puzzle game with a few new mechanics to keep things interesting (and hard). The bags are checked in and color coded based on the specific flight that they’re supposed to be on. The bags rotate on a conveyor belt that either raises or lowers with the L or R buttons. Your job is to load the correct luggage onto the correct plane by it’s departure time; or else someone gets screwed like Ben Stiller. There are other things to keep in mind like your energy consumption for running the lights in the sorting room and the speed of the conveyor belts. If energy runs low, you must purchase an energy tank with your wages earned and lower it to the bottom belt before you can use it. There are also things like ‘VIP’ bags that have specific instructions for loading and ‘Suspicious Packages’ that must be disposed of properly.

AP3Clever Idea

I can honestly say that Aero Porter is the first ‘luggage sorting’ game that I’ve ever heard of. Level 5 really took this idea and ran with it to make something unique; and they did a great job for the first of its kind. Though there were some problems that we’ll get into next, I just feel that they deserve a pat on the back for coming up with a new idea like this. Now I know what it feels like to sort the luggage at an airport all by myself.

Crazy Hard!

There is a point in this game where I feel that progression is impossible. You will eventually have seven planes at their respective gates, each with three to five pieces of luggage, and each having only about three minutes till the flight takes off. Now take all that headache and mix in the green flight has a VIP’s bag that must go on first and by itself. Now add a suspicious package that just checked in for the cyan flight that you must dispose of quickly. Lastly, the lights just went out and you only have two minutes and three seconds till the next flight leaves to drop the energy tank to the bottom. This was just too much for my feeble, American mind to handle.

Not Worth My TimeAP2

In addition to this game being crazy hard, there was no reward for completing each of the day’s challenges. I never felt like i was rewarded for doing a good job and that I was only punished whenever I did something wrong. Whenever I finished a day, my wages were docked for my mistakes and the next day started with new challenges. There’s no store to spend your earnings in for unlockables or anything to really even justify the need for you to have any money (other than buying energy tanks). I just think there could have been some sort of reward for when (or if) you do well.


After playing the other games from the Guild01 cart, it was easy to discover that Aero Porter was the weakest link. I never really had any ‘fun’ playing it and only found myself more and more aggravated the longer I tried to play it. In the end, Aero Porter is a unique ‘falling block’ puzzle game that takes a hard left turn and makes you feel really dumb; and sympathetic for the people who sort luggage.

Final Score: Two Stars

Review copy provided by Level 5
Played till I couldn’t progress with my own intelligence.
Total play time: 6 hours

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