Darksiders II Being Pulled From the eShop

Darksiders 2

If you’re looking to grab yourself a digital copy of Darksiders II you better do so quick. The game will no longer be available for purchase after March 31st. It’s almost like another nail just being added to the already rotting coffin of THQ. There is no plans for a sale during these last few days so it’ll run you the full retail price. I think this is one of those games that could plummet in price soon if no one picks up the license, though Crytek is supposedly in talks to do just that. I would love the see this franchise continue.

If you have already purchased a copy through the eShop, you don’t need to worry about it being unavailable. You’ll still be able to re-download it should you need to in the future. It’s simply not going to be available for any new purchases after this month.

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  1. I kind of stumbled into Darksiders II blindly through a rental and enjoyed it thoroughly enough to want to buy it. One week later, THQ shut down and Vigil was on the chopping block.

    I hastily snapped up a retail copy of the game when I had the chance, because I knew this game would get scarce quick, especially on Wii U.

    While I’m glad I have it, I’m also saddened that the developer and series are kind of in limbo, because it’s really a fantastic title.

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