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In honor of two different Nano Assault reviews going up today, we thought it would be fitting to talk about games under a microscope. No, we don’t actually want to analyze every little detail about them, we just want to remember some of our favorite games. Whether it’s watching the viruses in Dr. Mario dance under the magnifying glass or something else altogether, there are plenty of games that take advantage of small characters in overgrown environments.

Our question this week is this:

“What is your favorite game in a small or microscopic world?”

Ethan Says: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is one if the most unique games I’ve ever played that involved seeing the world from a small perspective. I really liked the idea of going into someone’s house as a normal sized person then shrinking down to the size of a bug and exploring a whole new environment even though nothing has changed but my size. I was mostly impressed by the idea of a normal creature that you could beat in one hit would be considered a boss level monster when you’ve become small.

Micro MachinesShelby Says: I really love Micro Machines V3 for the PlayStation. My brother and I played Micro Machines often for the NES. Something about racing on pool tables and around cereal bowls caught my imagination. The PlayStation version is similar but adds more variety with tanks, microscopes and ironing boards. V3 also exists on N64 as Turbo but it’s just not the same. In V3, you can play eight players on one screen! It’s total and absolute madness. Once a car gets too far off the screen, it disappears in a puff of smoke. I can’t count how many times I have yelled “poof him” at the top of my lungs. The game also has a cruel sense of justice as sometimes the player that gets “poofed” is the one on the track and in the lead. With the 64 version, players have to share controllers for the eight player mode and throttle is controlled automatically. The results of this game can end friendships but it led to some awesome dorm roof parties. Oh yeah, did I mention the hammer, mine and force field power-ups? It’s insanity!

Micah Says: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on the Game Boy Advance Micro, specifically, gets my vote. It doesn’t get much more micro-themed than that, right? Talk about eyestrain. I had some good times kickin’ it with Ezlo and The Minish. I was thrilled to see this was one of the available 3DS Ambassador Program titles, and it’s still a great game to throw in the Game Boy Player periodically.

Retro Redux: Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue RangersTony Says: Like my colleagues before me I was going to choose The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap as my answer, but that would have made for an almost unanimous article. I could go with something like Dr. Mario, which almost seems too obvious. I’m not going to go with either of those. Instead I’m going to go for something small, but not microscopic.

Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers is one of the best platformers I’ve ever played. I can remember watching the cartoon as a younger kid every time it would come on. I had the theme song memorized and getting to play it as a video game made me feel like I was playing along with an episode of the cartoon. Granted that’s my ten year old self talking. That game was so much fun. Picking up boxes to find apples and throwing them at robotic dogs was a great time. Picking up rubber balls and throwing it at a spaceship is one of those boss fights I’ll never forget. It had branching paths, all of the characters from the TV show and some fantastic music.

It’s one of those games I could actually get my sister to sit down and play with me. I’m not much into griefing anymore, but it was always so cool to be able to pick her up and just toss her into holes. She’d get so mad. Now in games like New Super Mario Bros. I hate that each player takes up real space and, more often than not, you end up causing each others deaths. Back then it was a blast.


We’ve told you some of our favorite small games, now it’s your turn. What game in a small or microscopic world do you remember most fondly. Maybe it’s one we’ve mentioned. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know.

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