Scribblenauts Collection Review (DS)

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I remember the run up to the first Scribblenauts game. It was something we hadn’t really seen on the DS. The ability to create almost anything you could think of and place it in a game world, then have it interact fairly realistically with other objects was just something different. The game ended up being one of my favorite DS games but it had some issues that held it back from being a great game. Then 5th Cell released a sequel that fixed many of the issues I had with the first game, and added the ability to customize objects through the use of adjectives. Well, now you have the ability to pick up both games in a single package courtesy of Scribblenauts Collection and not only does it give you both games, but it “fixes” Scribblenauts through some much needed updates.

What You Need to Know

This review is going to be a little bit different from what I normally do. Rather than going back and completely reviewing the games, I’m going to touch on a couple of the things that are different from this game and the previous releases. You can read my review of the original game here.

Scribblenauts ReviewBetter Controls

The first game suffered most from the inability to effectively control Max. All of the action was driven by the touchscreen and more times than not, especially when dealing with small objects, Max would move when I just wanted to interact with an object. This meant lots of unintended deaths or interactions with characters that caused more than a little frustration. This was changed with the iOS release that added on screen controls for Max and those have been implemented into this new DS release. You now have the option of using the d-pad to move Max around the environment and that means he’ll always go where you want him to go.

Both Games In One Place

Both games are good on their own, but they’re even better together. Most people would probably recommend playing Super Scribblenauts over the original, but I highly recommend playing Scribblenauts first. It does a really good job of teaching you exactly what the franchise wants from you before tossing in extra content. The two different types of puzzles (puzzle and challenge) give you different ways to play the game to solve puzzles.

Finish that game first before you move on to Super Scribblenauts where the gameplay changes yet again. Many puzzles require the use of adjectives to solve, toss in a little math for good measure and it will tax your problem solving skills more than the first game did.

Super ScribblenautsNo Way to Switch Between Them

While it’s nice to have both games available to you on one cartridge, it is a little disappointing that you can’t freely go back and forth between the games if you want. You have to completely exit out to the main screen of whichever version of Nintendo’s handheld you’re playing on. It would have been nice to have the option to switch between games, but in reality there aren’t going to be many times you want to go back and forth unless you’re just comparing the gameplay of the two titles.


I’m a big fan of the Scribblenauts franchise. I own every version that’s currently available, and have played through them all numerous times. The first two games are easily some of the best puzzle games available on the DS. If you’ve never played them, this is the perfect opportunity to check out where the franchise started. If you have played them, then you might like having them both on one cartridge.

Final Score: Four Stars

Review copy of the game provided by Warner Bros.
Played through both games entirely.
Total play time: 13 hours

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