Go Round

Go Round – Alien Syndrome (Wii)

I was going to write something but, once again, I cannot sum this Go Round of Alien Syndrome for the Wii any better than Will has.

Alien’s have boarded our ship, maybe. We’re pretty sure they’re somewhere around here. We’re locked and loaded and ready to go. Where are they? They’re no where in sight. There are alien’s on this ship, aren’t there? What do you mean you don’t know? Who, who’s the idiot that said alien’s were on this ship? Who are you pointing at? That’s not an alien, that’s a bug. It’s not an alien. IT’S NOT AN ALIEN!! Don’t give me that look. Fine, if you think it’s an alien, it’s probably an alien. You are Mr. No-It-All, are you not? Just let, get off, just let m, get off my arm, just let me go make first contact. Okay? Okay? Is that okay with you? Fine. Hey, hey centipede. Are you, an alien? Rarr? Did you say ‘Rarr’? Give me just a sec. Gotta go talk this over with my team. Don’t give me that look. Okay, I admit, I did not realize that the centipede was 30 feet long. I must have one contact lens in backwards making things smaller than they appear. What do you mean it doesn’t work that way? Anyways, ummm, I guess we can go kill ourselves a giant centipede now? Yes, yes, LET’S GO!!!

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