If You’re Not Already, Then You Need To Pay Attention To Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight stretchGoals_200

Yacht Club Games is probably not a name you’re familiar with, but you are familiar with the work of the development team.  The company was formed back in 2011 when Sean Velasco and some other members of the development team at WayForward left to create their own studio.  They have a pedigree of games that includes Contra 4, A Boy and His Blob, Thor: God of Thunder, Mighty Milky Way, and BloodRayne: Betrayal.  Not too long ago they announced their first original title, Shovel Knight; a game that they’re funding through Kickstarter.  They were originally asking for $75,000 to fund the project, a Mega Man inspired SNES style side-scrolling platformer.  To entice people to give further they’ve included a number of stretch goals that reached up to $200,000.  As you can see from the image above they reached that original goal and shattered the last stretch goal.  To celebrate they added the three new goals that you see at the bottom of the image.

If you’re not sure of exactly what Shovel Knight is, then here’s a PAX East video demo from the developers.

The new stretch goal of a real, physical box will be made available to anyone who pledges $50 or more towards the campaign.  A pledge of $15 or more will earn you a digital copy of the game on PC, Wii U or 3DS.  The game looks and feels, from screenshots, like  a mix of Mega Man and DuckTales, which is definitely not a bad thing.  The character designs are very reminiscent of the work of WayForward with a little bit of a new twist.  They even have the composer of some of the most famous music from the Mega Man franchise, Manami Matsumae, composing two songs for the game.  The rest of the soundtrack will be composed by long time WayForward collaborator Jake “Virt” Kaufman.

Shovel Knight EnchantressI don’t normally ask you to keep an eye on a game before it’s out, or to back a project that I haven’t gotten a chance to play, but this is one game that’s caught my eye and won’t let go.  Everything I’ve seen about the project, from the way the developers are handling the Kickstarter campaign to the footage that has been shown, just screams of a labor of love.

This game will have at least two playable boss characters (who hasn’t wanted to play as Cutman or Skullman).  There will be difficult challenge modes, the ability to swap the gender of the main character, four-player battle modes, which sound a lot like Smash Bros., and so much more.

The only other game I can remember supporting this much before it launched was Zack & Wiki.  Let’s not let that criminal act of non-support happen again.  You still have time to back the Kickstarter campaign.  All you need to do is click HERE!!!

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