Miiverse For PC Is Live


That’s right, folks, you can now check in on your Miiverse communities directly from your PC.  The picture above shows you what the application looks like on the PC.  You can see your activity feed where all the people you follow post directly to.  You can also go and check in on any of the communities that are available.  You can view your profile, but you can’t make any changes from the computer.  You will have to log in on the Wii U to do that.

My favorite part of this is that you can now view and save any screenshots that you or your friends have posted.  This will make it extremely easy for us to capture unique screens for the articles we post here on Nintendo Okie.  Expect more of that in the future.  Any of the unique, funny or clever screenshots I see may end up being posted here.

No word yet on when the smartphone or 3DS versions of the service will be available.

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