Wii U Struggling To Catch On In North America, Nintendo Looks to Change That

Wii U

It’s safe to say the Wii U is having a difficult time finding a foothold in the market. According to data that Nintendo released in their most recent earnings statement, the amount of traction the Wii U has in North America is minimal at best. Over the first three months of 2013 the Wii U has sold around 200,000 units. The Xbox 360 sold more than that in March alone.

The biggest issue the system has, and one that could turn things around, is the lack of quality software titles. The system launched with a large selection of games that many in the world played months or even years earlier. Since the launch of the system in January, there have only been a couple of “major” titles released; Lego City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Nintendo has acknowledged the problem stating that delays in the development of software titles meant the Wii U couldn’t sustain any momentum it had made during the systems launch. Two titles, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U have both sold more than two million units, but nothing else came close to those numbers. In that same earnings report Nintendo mentioned there are a number of games that will be heading to the Wii U in the next few months. Among those are the remake of the GameCube classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, another entry into both the Super Mario franchise and the Mario Kart series, Pikmin 3, and Wii Fit U.

Along with those game releases the company says they plan to reduce production costs to maximize profitability and better promote Miiverse, their online social network for Wii U.

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