Give This Turtle A Name

Name the Turtle Contest Logo

Have you ever wanted to name a video game character? Sure you can name your character in an RPG or a sports game, but the whole world doesn’t see it. Well, now you’ve got your chance to let the whole world know your awesome name. Saturnine Games is working on a new 3DS eShop game called Turtle Tale and the main character doesn’t have a name yet. He needs your help. Take a look at the screenshots above and gain some inspiration. What kind of name should this poor hero have?

Nintendo Okie and Saturnine Games have partnered up to let you give this aquatic ace a proper name. From now until May 31st you can submit name ideas through a number of various outlets. You can go to Twitter and tweet your ideas to @SaturnineGames and @Nintendo_Okie. Be sure to include #nametheturtle in your post. You can send an email to If you’ve got a Facebook account you can go to the Saturnine Games page or the Nintendo Okie Facebook Group and submit your ideas there. Entries can be submitted through all of the various means, but please don’t spam the same name to them all, be creative.

The top four entries chosen will receive a download code for Saturnine Games’ DSiWare release of Antipole. The winner will also get to have their entry become the official name of the turtle in their upcoming eShop release, Turtle Tale; and get a special mention in the game’s credits. You’ll have bragging rights amongst your friends from now until the time when video games no longer exist.

The contest is open to anyone that wants to enter, but download codes for the games will only be available if you live in North America. Entries may not contain any vulgar, insulting or derogatory terms. You also waive the right to any monetary compensation and the official name becomes the property of Saturnine Games. I mean isn’t a free game and a mention in the credits enough? All entries must be received by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on May 31st, 2013. Employees of Saturnine Games, Nintendo Okie and their families are not eligible to win.

Just to give you some inspiration here is some more art featuring the turtle in some menacing poses; after the break…

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