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Kid Icarus Sequel In the Works?

KI Sequel

Kid Icarus: Uprising was released on the 3DS back in 2012 to rather mixed reviews. The 20 year wait for the sequel to the Game Boy game changed the franchise considerably. Many people didn’t care for the controls and even Nintendo semi-conceded that they weren’t ideal by offering the stand that holds the system as part of the package. Pit has been pretty active outside of those game with his appearances in Super Smash Bros. The upcoming Wii U release even has some interesting tidbits of information.

Nintendo fans like to glean every bit of info from every game looking for hidden clues to future releases buried deep within seemingly unrelated titles. Friend, and former Okie staffer, Gaz Plant passed this along to me earlier today and it “could” hint at a future Kid Icarus title in the works.

The picture shows some of the characters from the franchise talking to each other. They reference the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising, including the unlikely alliance between all the participants involved. Where it gets interesting is the last panel there where Viridi mentions that the fight isn’t over. Could this be the hint that a new Kid Icarus game is in development?

Sakurai has said he’s not really interested in doing another Kid Icarus game. Nintendo does have a lot of developers that they could hand the franchise off to and no one really knows what Retro is working on at the moment. Maybe they’ve taken up the reins of Kid Icarus and are going to do with him what they did with Samus and Donkey Kong. I’d be okay with that. It could be another developer working on the game or it could be nothing at all.

I was one of those people that absolutely loved the game on 3DS. I never really had any issue with the control scheme. I would have greatly preferred it be a twin stick shooter, but found I was able to adapt really well to what was offered. I think a Wii U sequel in HD with another control option could be a huge seller for Nintendo and another really solid franchise under their belt. It might even help boost sales of the system a little more.

What do you all think? Is this wishful thinking? Would you even be interested in a sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising?

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  1. Well now that they have the “new” 3ds, the controls would be much better, and I feel they wouldn’t give that big of a role in smash bros to a dead franchise.

  2. I honestly think that we shouldnt wait another 25 years just for another Kid Icarus game. Its a waste of time. We obviously need another Kid Icarus game now, and for the Wii U and NX. Nintendo only focuses on Mario and Zelda, and it is not fair to the other franchises. So blame Nintendo, not Sakurai.

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