Club Nintendo Will Be Shut Down Later This Year

Club NintendoIt’s a time we’ve talked about for a little while now. Club Nintendo, the company’s loyalty rewards program, will be closing its digital doors for good in June. You have through the end of March to redeem any codes you have inside games for coins. Those coins must be spent before the end of June. After that they all go away.

The service has been around for six years and has offered some pretty nice rewards from digital games to statues, game cases and more. According to company spokesman Scott Moffitt they will be adding dozens of physical rewards and a host of downloadable games for you to spend those last remaining coins balances on. Club Nintendo members will also be able to download a copy of Flipnote Studio 3D for free at some point before the service shuts down.

According to a company press release this is not the end of the road for Nintendo loyalty programs as they expect to debut a new service at a later date. Until then fill out those last remaining surveys you have and register all those games so that you can make the most of Club Nintendo while it’s still around.

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