Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged Review

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 LogoThe second episode of Tales from the Borderlands 2 is out. After nearly four months (though I just played the first episode a couple of weeks ago) the story continues. The previous episode introduced us to the two main playable characters, Rhys and Fiona, as well as their companions Vaughn and Sasha. The group has smuggled and lost a large sum of cash and stumbled upon an underground facility that left clues to the existence of more secret bases and possibly a vault. We also saw the reappearance of one character people assumed to be dead.

Episode 2 continues the story and doesn’t do much else. There is a little bit more in the way of game play. You have a few more action segments that require you to line up icons on the screen and pull a virtual trigger. Those actions can be anything from shooting a gun to kicking someone or even grabbing a character that’s falling out of a moving vehicle. Like before none of them require quick timing or precision. Just get close enough and it’ll register.

tales_from_the_borderlands_episode_2 2This episode also continues the branching stories as Rhys and Fiona are at one point forcefully separated. They also embellish their stories just a little bit so you have to continue to piece the two sides of the story together to get a better pictures of the events that are actually happening.

As this episode is much more storytelling you get a chance to let Telltale’s signature comedy shine through. There are plenty of moments that had me chuckling at what was happening to the characters. One robot gets some particularly humorous screen time and some snarky moments. Rhys and Vaughn have one particular interaction that could almost be a parody of the many “bro” moments in video games. Fiona gets put into a pretty disgusting situation with a body that she assumes to be dead, but many not be. It’s uncomfortable, but the levity of her and the other characters at their situation lightens the mood pretty well.

Tales from the Borderlands 2 Review BoxMuch like the middle chapter of many movie or book trilogies this episode does a very good job of setting up the pieces that are going to come later. There’s not a lot that happens in this episode that once the whole story is over you’ll look back on fondly, but you’re starting to see some threads develop that I assume will be paid off in later episodes. Was it worth the four month wait to get to this point? That’s hard to say. It’s only a couple hours long at most. You’ll want to pick it up to get the whole story and not knowing when Episode 3 is coming it might be best left till the release of Episode 3 and played back to back.

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