StreetPass Getting New Content

Battleground ZThere are currently four games available to purchase, download and play through the 3DS’ StreetPass functionality.  There are more coming.  During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation Nintendo showed off two new games.  The first, called Ultimate Angler has you visiting the “StreetPass Islands” to catch more than 150 different types of fish.  Collect bait through StreePassing with other 3DS owners.

The second game is called Battleground Z.  It’s a zombie survival game featuring Miis.  You get items based off the hobbies of the people you StreetPass with that you then use to fight off the zombie hordes, a most adorable zombie horde at that.

There is also a new paid service called StreetPass Premium.  This new for pay feature add premium content like StreetPass Birthdays and a Mii VIP room.  This service will cost you $4.99.

You can buy Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z seperately for $4.99 each or in a bundle for $7.99.  This new content launches on April 16th.

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