Yoshi’s Wooly World New Mode And Amiibo


During today’s Nintendo Direct we were treated to some new gameplay footage and information for Yoshi’s Wooly World. And yes, it’s still looking just as adorable as it was before.

YoshiWoolyWorld2 First, lets talk modes. There will be 2 modes, Classic Mode and Mellow Mode. In Classic Mode the game will play similar to a traditional Yoshi game and will be quite challenging. When you switch to Mellow Mode, you’ll be able to play as Winged Yoshi to help you breeze through the game. This could help out for when you get stuck or if somebody who’s not very good at games is trying it out. You’ll be able to switch in between Classic Mode and Mellow Mode at any given time. Just simply pause the game and press the minus button and you’ll be able to swap modes.

YoshiWoolyWorldNext, a Yoshi’s Wooly World themed Amiibo is coming and is made of yarn. Using the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo lets you have a second Yoshi running around with you in single player. In the multiplayer mode, using the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo lets you turn your ally into a yarn ball. The Yarn Yoshi Amiibo will come in Pink, Blue, and Green.

No release date has been given but we can expect Yoshi’s Wooly World sometime this fall.

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