Splatoon – Local Multiplayer, Amiibo’s, And Release Date


During yesterday’s Direct we were treated to more Splatoon footage. Much of what was shown was already covered before such as the Ranked Battles and Splat Zone but we did get some new information in the show.

Ever since Splatoon was first shown off there’s been a few people who have been wondering if the game would offer local multiplayer. Well, during the yesterday’s Direct, local multiplayer was confirmed for Splatoon in the form of Battle Dojo. Battle Dojo is 1-on-1 fights where the goal is to pop the most balloons rather then covering everything in ink. In this mode, one player will use the gamepad and the other uses another controller and the TV. It seems like a pretty simple concept overall but I personally can’t wait to have people step into my dojo.

The other thing they shown was they’re actually launching a Splatoon line of Amiibo’s along with the game. Using the Inkling Amiibo’s will give you a mission based on the Amiibo you used. When you complete the missions you can get gear and equipment that you can only get through those Amiibos. The Amiibos can either be purchased individually or together in a pack. Both the Splatoon series Amiibo’s and Splatoon will come out May 29th.

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