Smash Bros – MewTwo, Lucas, Update, Mii Outfits, Fighter Ballot

SmashBrosMewTwoIn the recent Direct, we got quite a bit of Smash Bros. news. Among the information was a trailer for Mewtwo, pricing, and a release date. For those who didn’t register both versions of Smash Bros., Mew Two will be available April 28th for $3.99 per version or $4.99 for both versions. If you registered both copies on Club Nintendo, you’ll receive a free download code April 15th. I can’t wait to use those ultra powerful throws on people once again. Also that Final Smash looks really crazy! Mewtwonite Y Mega Evolution?! Yes please!

SmashBrosLucasNext we got ourselves another character reveal. Lucas came out of nowhere and is back in the fight! I totally wasn’t expecting to see Lucas make it back in Smash but I’m glad to see him. He looks even better then he did in Brawl. Mr. Iwata also went to on to note that he’s from Mother 3 which was released only in Japan and that they’ve heard the requests. I wonder if this is a hint towards something in the future? Who knows. Either way, having Lucas back on the roster is a huge plus.

Along with the two character reveals we also got another pretty big announcement. They’ve opened up a site where you can formally request new characters for Smash Bros. There’s no limits who you can vote for. This means if you want to characters to return or if you’ve been wanting to see characters such as Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Laura Croft, Mickey Mouse, Wonder Red, etc. you can send your vote in. There’s no limits who you can vote for so definitely hop on over there and cast your vote!

SmashBrosMiiOutfits1There’s also new outfits on the for Mii Fighters which include outfits based on different games coming via DLC. You’ll be able to use a Cat suit, a Monkey suit, a Smash Bros. T-Shirt, Link’s Tunic, Link’s Tunic with Majora’s Mask, X’s armor, Proto Man’s armor, and Dunban’s Outfit. Each outfit will go for $0.75 per version or $1.15 for both versions. These outfits will be available April 15th. This is only the first wave of character outfits. There are more outfits coming at a later date as well.

Finally, most of this DLC will be coming out along side Update (Ver. 1.0.6). The update will include the DLC, it also will tweak the characters for balancing, and add in more sharing functionality on Wii U. Nothing really has been shown on the update itself but they did note that the sharing features will include Photos, Mii Fighters, Replays, Custom Stages, and “More” which doesn’t tell us much. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the new features they add will be. The update will be available April 15th.

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