Fire Emblem: If Content Is Split Into Separate Releases In Japan

FireEmblemIfWhiteKingdomHoshidoOne of the more interesting things talked about during the recent Nintendo Direct on April 1st was the information revolving around Fire Emblem: If. Unlike previous iterations, you’ll be following the main character, not a supporting character. The game will also include two stories from different angles.

What wasn’t talked about in the western Direct’s though is the fact that, in Japan at least, the story paths are actually separate games. One version follows the White Kingdom – Hoshido, the more accessible version, and the the other version follows the Black Kingdom – Nohr, which offers both a more complex story and more challenging gameplay. The games will run at 4,700 yen per hard copy (roughly $40) however you can buy one copy of the game and download the other story as DLC for 2000 yen (roughly $16.50). To take it a step further, there will be a third path available for the same price as the DLC or you can buy a special version containing all three paths for 9,200 yen (roughly $80).

FireEmblemIfBlackKingdomNohrWhether or not they’ll decide to launch the game as separate releases in North America and Europe is unknown. However, there are many games that tend to change their contents and distribution methods from region to region. While the game is coming out June 25th in Japan, we won’t see it in the west till 2016. Likewise, we probably won’t know how they’ll handle the game’s release in the west till a few months before release. Till then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

How do you feel about this information? Are you still as interested in this as you were when you first heard about it?

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