Natsume Looking to Virtual Console Releases

Pocky and RockyNatsume Director of Operations Graham Markay recently appeared on an episode of the Fragments of Silicon podcast. In it he was talking about the release of Medabots. The games were popular releases on the GBA and the GameCube, but we haven’t seen a title in that series since then. It turns out that the developer and publishers both wanted to, but the timing for localization never happened.

During the interview he also said that beginning around June we’d start to see old Natsume published games appearing on the Wii U Virtual Console. Games like those old Medabots titles, Pocky and Rocky with Becky would appear. Overall he said they have plans for at least eight GBA games to be released on the Virtual Console.

Are there any old Natsume games you’d like to see released on the VC?

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