PS Vita False Advertising Settlement Details

touch vitaLast November Sony agreed to the terms of a settlement over false advertising claims for the Vita. The claims were primarly over the use of cross-platform play and cross-save functionality between the PS Vita and the PS3. The Federal Trade Commission brought the suit against Sony claiming these functions were misleading.

If you bought a PS Vita before June 1, 2012 and you live in the United States you’re eligible to claim one of the following things:

  • $25 cash (in the form of a check)
  • $25 in Playstation Store credit
  • One of three game bundles ranging in value from $66.46 to $100.46

In order to claim your settlement in the case you need to visit this web page and fill out the required information. This includes a PDF document stating that you bought the Vita before June 1, 2012, you did not return it for a refund and that you have not already redeemed the offer. In addition to that you must provide some form of proof of purchase such as a store receipt showing the purchase. The settlement form and required proof must be submitted before June 29th, 2015 to be eligible to receive compensation.

Head past the break for more details and a full list of the game bundles that are available.

The three game bundles are labeled as an Action/Adventure pack. It is valued at $92.95 and includes the following games:

  • God of War Collection (PS3)
  • Beyond Two Souls (PS3)
  • Twisted Metal (PS3)
  • Unit 13 (PS Vita)

The Family Friendly Pack is valued at $100.46 and includes:

  • Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)
  • Puppeteer (PS3)
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita)
  • Mod Nation Racers: Road Trip (PS Vita)

The Variety Pack is valued at $66.46 and includes:

  • God of War Collection (PS3)
  • Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)
  • Mod Nation Racer: Road Trip (PS Vita)
  • Unit 13 (PS Vita)

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