Rodea: The Sky Soldier – Limited Edition And Multiplayer


The limited edition of Rodea: The Sky Soldier has been announced and is up for pre-order at NIS America’s site. It’s going for $74.99 on Wii U and $54.99 on 3DS. The contents of this package will include the game, a hardcover art book with 35+ pages, a 10-song soundtrack with a jewel case, the collector’s box, and the “Key of Time” pendant with a chain. As of now the limited edition is only available in NIS Online Store and there is no news as to if it will be available elsewhere.

In other Rodea: The Sky Soldier news, apparently there will be local multiplayer as well. However, the multiplayer will only be featured in the Wii version of the game. The multiplayer consist of races up to four players and have five levels available to race on. The only way to access this mode and the Wii version in general is if you bought the first print version and, of course, own Wii Remotes. You use a single Wii Remote and the pointing functions to control the game on Wii, unlike the Wii U and 3DS versions that use a standard controls scheme.

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