More Items Available In Mario Maker?

Mario Maker is coming out later this year and it’s going to give Nintendo fans the chance to create their own levels in the popular side scrolling franchise. There are currently four different visual styles and physics models in the game based on the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. There are still a lot of details we don’t know about the game. Will every game have it’s own complete mechanical features? Will you be able to switch them on the fly in the same level? What characters will be available to play as.

Fans like to speculate and in the two pictures shown above there are some details fans are trying to pull out. One shows the presence of Yoshi. Will he be available to use in the game? What about one of the more popular items from Super Mario Bros. 3; the Kuribo Shoe. The other picture, taken from the game’s official Japanese page hints at the item being in the game. Is that the case? We don’t know. We can only speculate. Nintendo have been surprisingly quiet about many of the details of this game.

Mario Maker is set to release for the Wii U in September.

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