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You Can Turn Off External Drive Sleeping With Hidden Wii U Feature


Apparently there’s a hidden menu on the Wii U for external drives. In this menu you can actually turn off sleep mode for you hard drive. What’s even stranger is the menu is literally not listed anywhere on Nintendo’s support site and is so hidden, you can’t really find it via a Google search. Of course, using this feature will obviously make your drives wear out faster but it ultimately could make whatever game you’re running perform better. So for those interested in this feature, here’s how you access it:

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Go to [Data Management]
  3. Press and hold down on the D-Pad for half a second
  4. While holding down on the D-Pad, press and hold the + and – buttons
  5. You will see the message above

I’ve tested this just now and trust me, it works. This makes me think though. What other crazy things will they find hidden in the Wii U next?

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