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FAST Racing Neo Footage Coming This Summer


Shin’en is no stranger to the Wii U hardware and is known for being one of the top companies at taking advantage of it. Their new game, FAST Racing Neo, follows that trend. We were teased with screenshots a while ago; however, since then, we haven’t really seen much on the game. Apparently, that will change soon. Speaking with HDWarriors, Shin’en had this to say about the game:

Development is going very smooth. FAST Racing Neo is the biggest, and most beautiful game we ever did, and we’re taking the time to make sure that it’s also the best one. This Summer, people will have seen the game in motion.

They spoke with HDWarriors several times back in 2013 about the Wii U’s hardware, saying there’s much more that could be done with it. They’ve also been talking about this game for a while, saying it uses an engine that gets more out of the Wii U’s power. It’s going to be really interesting to see this game finally running.

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