Project X Zone Success Responsible For the Sequel

Project X Zone 2 Logo

There’s a saying that I like to adhere to in the gaming community. It’s, ‘vote with your dollars’, and that’s exactly what fans of Project X Zone did. The success of the first game is directly responsible for Bandai Namco deciding that another game in the series was worth a shot. Famitsu recently published an interview with members of the game’s development team. Series Producer Kensuke Tsukanaka said,

The release had very good reputation in North America and Europe. So given the situation both domestically and overseas, we started to create the sequel… The Japanese fans are considered when making the sequel, but we also want to create content which makes overseas fans happy.”

Development on the game’s sequel wasn’t started until after the Western release of the game and the response of the fans prompted Development Director Ichirou Morizumi to begin work on the seqel. Not only that, but they’ve taken feedback from fans on what went right and what went wrong with the first game. The game will be mostly the same, but surprise character announcements and gameplay changes won’t be out of the question.

If you missed the first game I recommend giving it a try. It’s a great strategy RPG that did a really good job of bringing characters from more than a dozen different game franchises together in a way that, while straight out of the realm of sci-fi, was at least believable. While you’re waiting for the release here are a few screenshots to get you interested in Project X Zone 2.

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