Splatoon Getting Wii U Bundle

Splatoon BundleIf you haven’t yet picked up a Wii U maybe Nintendo’s most recently announced bundle will be what pulls you over the edge. Nintendo has announced that their upcoming third person paint shooter, Splatoon, is getting a Wii U system bundle.

The Special Edition Splatoon Deluxe Set will launch exclusively at Best Buy on May 29th. It comes packaged with a black Deluxe version of the console, a download code for Splatoon and Nintendo Land pre-installed on the system. It also comes with one of the coolest bits of box art for a system bundle we’ve seen in a while. It does not, however, include any of the three amiibo that will launch for the game. That might have been enough to get pre-orders for the system through the roof.

The Splatoon bundle will launch alongside the game on May 29th and cost $299.99. It will be available at Best Buy retail locations and

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