Bizerta: Silent Evil Gets First Screenshots

Bizerta 4There’s a survival horror game coming to Wii U from a company called Edrox Interactive. It’s called Bizerta: Silent Evil and it appears to be a Wii U exclusive. Much like ZombiU, which was a launch title for the system, the game will rely heavily on the use of the touchscreen to do things like solving puzzles and unlocking doors. Just how much it relies on the device is unknown at this point.

What is known about the game is that you play as a 15 year old kid who one day wakes up as a 30 year old man in a dark world. You’ll be traveling through a building that appears to be abandoned in order to find out just what happened. Outside of that little is actually know about the game. It looks interesting and the screenshots certainly give it a unique feel that we haven’t seen on the system in quite a while.

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