Elder Scrolls Online Console Beta Running April 23rd to April 27th


The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is right around the corner for consoles and like many MMO’s, they want people to test out the game. That’s why starting tomorrow, from April 23 to April 27 they’ll be running a “limited, closed public beta” (say that five times fast). The beta will be through invite only and is only going out to those who signed up. If you didn’t sign up and you want to try the game out, you may be out of luck. The good news is that it’s out right now on PC and will be available June 9th on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

In a bit of different news, apparently the game is too big for the 50GB Blu-ray.

With the console beta just around the corner, we’re sure everyone is interested to know the size of the game client in order to get your hard drives ready. ESOTU is an incredibly massive game, both in terms of sheer scope and the data required to bring you this truly enormous experience. At the moment, the client will exceed a 50GB Blu-ray disc which means there will also be a large day-one patch that is somewhere in the region of 15GB.

I can tell you from my experience on PC, this game is HUGE. No it’s not one single map and each area is separated into their own zone, but each zone is massive and if you do everything in them, you can easily get 25+ hours out of the small ones and 50+ hours out of the large ones. There’s also a ton of voice work in this game. I can easily see why this game takes up so much space. Anyways, make sure you clear up some hard drive space for this one.

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