That Friday feeling! Episode 1

Howdy howdy everybody, and welcome to episo… Actually, howdy howdy is pretty American, I’ll start with ‘Alright mate, how’s it going?’

So I thought for my first weekly blog I would start by telling you all about myself, my experiences with gaming and some ideas on what I might do with this blog going forward.


My name is Nick, I’m 28 years old, leave near Birmingham in the United Kingdom and I’ve been gaming since I was 4. My first experience with gaming that I remember was the day I got my NES, and actually probably one of my earliest memories full stop. I recall my mom and dad driving to Toys R Us in a town called Oldbury, about 40 minutes from my then house. My next memory is sitting in my bedroom, which at the time was the top floor of a terraced house, looking in wonder at the HUGE box, it was the deluxe set which included R.O.B, zapper and Mario bros/duck hunt duo cart.


Thinking back now I can vividly remember playing Zelda, Gumshoe, Mario Bros, Gyromite, Rygar and Bayou Billy – what great times!. Around the age of 7 or 8 we sold our NES in the local paper to fund buying a SNES, at the time there was a brilliant TV advert shown often with Rik Mayall (of Bottom and Drop dead Fred fame) advertising Super Mario all stars, I needed this bundle in my life.


Now at this point I have skipped ahead slightly, in-between all this I also somehow acquired a Gameboy, although I didn’t really get into handheld gaming until Pokemon Red was released some years later. You’re probably thinking, what a spoilt little brat, truth is I’m far from it, my mom worked at a fish and chip shop at the time, and my dad had a factory job, they just made sure they gave us everything they thought we would love; I’ll always appreciate that.

…now I’m going to stop there for now, I’m about 8 years old at this point and about to play some of the games that have stuck with me my entire life, including one amazing Christmas full of gaming goodies!

Pokemon Blue

As for where this weekly entry takes us, who knows?! – In time I’ll use it as an extension of the what I’ve been playing and buying (especially as my current cube and N64 collection grows) any suggestions, drop me a message at

Tune in next Friday to find out what I got, and I’ll also chat through my step up to the N64 and beyond

Stay classy and all that jazz

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