Amiibo tap incoming to Europe this month!

Here comes another ‘free-to-play’ title from Nintendo that seeks to get more out of your Amiibo, potentially right now sitting either sealed in a glass cabinet, or gathering dust beneath your TV!

Nintendo of Europe via their Twitter account announced…
CaptureSo what do we know about Amiibo Touch & Play? – well at this point it’s being released in North America under the name ‘Amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits‘ on April 30th and has also had a Japanese release previous

Essentailly the title allows you scan any of your Amiibo figures and unlock timed demo’s of some of Nintendo’s classic titles, such as Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Kirby and the like. Think of it as an extension of the mode we have already seen in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U this year. Take a look at the below video from a Nintendo Direct for North America to get an idea of how things pan out

Although a limited program, it’s cool to see Nintendo looking to give Amiibo faithful more things to do with those little figures and I hope we see more functionality unlock as more games are released and also give’s Nintendo the ability to market these titles that are available to purchase via the eShop for varying prices

Amiibo Touch & Play will be released via the Wii U eShop on April 30th in Europe

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