New Mario Kart Update Unlocks the Speed

Mario Kart 8Last week Nintendo unleashed 200cc mode through an update to the game. It immediately made the game so much faster than it had been and added another new level of challenge. Many people were confused by the update because the content wasn’t unlocked immediately. You had to either play online to race that face or unlock it through the game’s single player progression. In order to access it offline you had to have finished 150cc mode and gotten at least first place in every cup, if not at least one gold star.

Nintendo released a new update today that, along with “improving the overall gameplay experience,” also unlocked Mirror Mode and 200cc from the start. Now every, after updating the game, will have access to the insanity that is that speed. I highly recommend playing Baby Park at 200cc. it’s an incredible, hectic and upredictable experience.

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