Xenoblade Chronicles X – Technical Info And Free Optional Patches

Over the past week, there’s been a lot of new footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X due to it releasing in other parts of the world. While us in the west have to wait for a release, those in the east are already playing the game. This also means that importers are already getting into the game as well, which means we’re also getting a lot of new info. Some such info comes in the way of NintenDomination’s Tilmen who’s confirmed the framerate and resolution via twitter.

We’ve learned a while back that in order for the game to run correctly, there will be a series of download packs for the physical copy. They’re separating the downloads into four data packs so players with limited storage space can pick and choose what files they’d like to run more smoothly. According to Perfectly Nintendo, here’s what the patches are exactly:

  • Basic Pack (2GB): for basic data, like the most frequent elements of terrain, which speeds up loading within the city and on Planet Mira. [Very Effective]
  • Enemy Data Pack (2.7GB): for enemy data. Makes loading on the field even faster. [Mildly Effective]
  • Player Data Pack (3.6GB): for player data (armor, etc.). Makes loading time faster when changing equipment in shops. [Mildly Effective]
  • Doll Data Pack (1.7GB): for Doll data. Makes deployment of Dolls much faster. [Mildly Effective]

Xenoblade Chronicles X released April 29th in Japan. No release date has been announced for the west yet.

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