That Friday feeling! Episode 2

Well, I’m a week in and already I’ve missed my first deadline! – It’s no longer Friday, in fact over here in the UK it’s around 9pm on Saturday! – Anyway, on with the feature…

So last week I talked about my introduction to gaming, how I started off with a NES, moving through to a Gameboy and a SNES…

1999. My Game Boy was getting little use, I had completed Super Mario Land 1 and 2 more times than I care to remember, but I was drawn in to getting a Game Boy Color. My mom took me and my brother into Woolworths, and we picked up a turquoise system with a Rugrats game I seem to forget the name of! (great TV show though) – An odd choice, but one driven by a lack of choice on a free game promotion
The Game Boy Color was such an incredible step up. It was much slimmer, so your hand wouldn’t cramp up within 10 minutes of playing. The screen was bright, colourful and added much more clarity than my previous system. A wealth of games started rolling out, but one caught my eye most. Pokemon Red
Of all the games I’ve played in my lifetime, none have taken more of my time. I’ve told the story on a previous NintendPals podcast about how me and my friend Rob spent days and nights over a summer holiday catching all 150 Pokemon (thankfully, head had Pokemon blue) – near midnight, after what seemed like hours of walking around the safari zone, we caught our last monster – Scyther

We remember earlier in the game finding a guy in the same building you get an eevee from who said you should come see him when you get all 150 Pokemon and he’ll give you something cool. Not having the internet in those days, and only having to rely on tittle tattle you’d hear on the school playground, we both jumped to the conclusion it was a Mew…it had to be, right?!
Running with our scyther in hand, we spoke to the gentleman in question. For our efforts, our blood, sweat and tears, we received a……CERTIFICATE!!!

I’m still bitter to this day, so I’ll leave it there before I put my fist through this screen. Next week, the N64!

Stay classy

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