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Bloo Kid 2 comes from German independent games developer, Winterworks, who have a growing library of games that have featured on various platforms such as smartphones, Steam and, for Bloo Kid 2, the Nintendo eShop. The company tends to favour 8 and 16 bit stylised games and from my experience with Bloo Kid 2, they’re pretty good at it.

Following on from his first (I’m assuming as I haven’t played it) action packed adventure, the protagonist, Bloo Kid, and his lady are taking a stroll with their baby, when a gargoyle like creature appears and swoops up Mrs. Kid and baby Kid. Then your adventure begins. That’s about as much story as you get in this retro-style, 2D platforming adventure; not that it’s a bad thing. It’s really no less story than you’d get in a Super Mario adventure. The opening intro really just serves to give your adventuring a purpose.

Bloo-Kid-2-4Bloo Kid 2 clearly takes many cues from great classic platform games like Super Mario, Sonic and Kirby and pays tribute to those games through some subtle and not-so-subtle nods in the forms of levels names, bosses and some enemies. It’s a really neat idea and tugs at the nostalgic part of the brain in just the right way. As an example of what I mean, the first boss you meet in the first world, which is named Green Hills, is a large and angry tree very similar to the one that you’ll find in Kirby games. As I said, a very cool addition to veteran gamers who grew up on the NES and SNES.

The gameplay and mechanics of the games are fairly basic; Bloo Kid can run, jump and swim through the levels, which have lots of branching paths that you’ll want to thoroughly explore if you want to fully complete all of the additional tasks and collect all of the collectables. There are 5 of these extra tasks in every level; collect all of the yellow stars, kill all of the monsters, finish the level with full health, collect the 3 special blue stars, complete the level before a timer runs out and collect the balloon at the end of every level. Although its great to have all of these extra bits and bobs to do (especially if you’re a completionist), they unfortunately serve no purpose other then for unlocking achievements, which can be viewed in the main menu. It would have been great to have an extra reason to collect all of this stuff, like improving your health or unlocking new abilities. As there isn’t, I really didn’t feel the need to go out of my way to collect things. Especially as the game’s difficulty ramped up.

maxresdefault (2)The game starts out very easy. I found that I very rarely died outside of boss battles in the first two worlds of the game. However, as I approached the midway point of the game the difficulty ramped up a decent amount and by the end of the game I was finding it on a similar level to the great Shovel Knight and I very much enjoyed that challenge. I played the entire game on the Medium setting and I felt it was well balanced throughout. Higher difficulty levels would most definitely provide quite the challenge, even for platform pros.
2Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Bloo Kid 2. The main game is relatively short, but that time is extended when you include the many collectables in each level, plus additional modes, like Boss Rush, that unlock once you finish your initial play through and there is a lot of charm to be found here. The graphics are basic but really punchy and bright. Also, there are some cool animations from bosses and Bloo Kid himself. The soundtrack is a really good collection of chiptunes that are fun to listen to all on their own (you can find the soundtrack on Soundcloud by the way) and, at a price of £3.99, there’s a lot here to keep you busy, especially if you enjoyed games like Shovel Knight and the Gunman Clive series.

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