Splatoon Will Implement Miiverse Art


While it’s easy to look at the negative aspects of Nintendo’s online, there’s some things they do that are really cool. One such thing is the Miiverse. One of the standout features of the Miiverse is drawing. Since Wii U’s launch, we’ve seen all sorts of really awesome art done on the Miiverse. There’s been so much cool art that Nintendo even took notice. Well, we already know that Smash Bros. will have a stage that will use Miiverse posts.

What we’re finding out now is, Splatoon will implement Miiverse drawings into the game as well. What’s even cooler is the way they’re implementing them fits right into the games look. The posts pop up on digital billboards that add to the look of the game. If you have a popular drawing, anybody playing Splatoon may end up seeing it.

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