That Friday (Sunday) feeling! – Episode 3

Technically, technically! I am just a day late, as I was a day late last week… let’s move on…
1357683496-30449-539I spoke last week about my journey through time with the Gameboy color, still one of my favourite ever systems and one I have so many great memories of. Today, we talk about the Nintendo 64

Now in my opinion, even more so than the original PlayStation over here in the UK, the N64 was the console that most appealed to the masses. Everybody on the school playground at the time would trade N64 carts at break times, running sort of rental systems between themselves. Everybody had a 64, everybody had Goldeneye.

Comet stores closingMy first N64 was purchased from a now defunct store called ‘Comet’. They were a seller of all things electrical, and had recently delved into gaming. My first game was 1080 snowboarding, so I was around 18 months late to the N64 party. Not really being to snowboarding, and never enjoying my cousins copy of Coolboarders, again this was one forced upon us by a lack of choice in a bundle package (much like that Rugrats GBC game last week)

1080 snowboarding is a snowboard sim, but one that is easily accessible for all, and includes enough character customisation, tracks and tricks to keep all players happy – still one of my favourites

Probably a year or so later, the Pokemon Stadium N64 was released, a beautfiful console, and was smack bang in the middle of my Pokemon frenzy! – We traded in our original grey system, and again via Comet, picked up the Pikachu 64. Pokemon Stadium is an odd concept, you use the games transfer pack to move your Pokemon red/blue/yellow into 3D, and battle against virtual gym leaders and trainers. It also has a very fun party mode, where you are greeted with 9 Pokemon based mini games which can be played with up to 4 players
41SijD3rDtLMy N64 stayed with me until around 2002, when I really got into Playstation thanks to a little known RPG (more next week)

One final story for you. WWF No Mercy is probably in my top 3 games for the system, I was hooked on WWF at the time, the attitude era was in full flow and No Mercy was an excellent realisation. I had No Mercy on preorder for nearly a year, it’s the game that must of changed release dates over 30 times… Every week my mom would take me to Choices (a UK Blockbuster video) and every week we’d be told the same, sorry, it’s released next week now. It finally arrived, it cost £60! and was broken! Some initial runs of the game had an issue with saving, mine was affected, and took a month to resolve! – still, it’s the greatest wrestling sim ever
claudia_400_290Stay classy

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