Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest VIII For 3DS In Japan

DQ8I know, I know. Square Enix has announced it, but it doesn’t mean we’re getting it. Today, the company announced that they are going to be bringing the popular PS2 RPG Dragon Quest VIII to the Nintendo 3DS. This announcement is for Japan only at the moment. There is no indication that they’re going to be bringing the title to North America.

It wouldn’t be the first time that this has happened. Fans of the series are still waiting to see the release of Dragon Quest VII, a game which came to the US on the PS1 back in 2001. The game was remade for the 3DS, but was never released here in the States.

Square Enix, if you’re listening, please, for the love of everything, bring Dragon Quest VIII to North America. It was easily one of my favorite games on the PS2. It’s an absolutely beautiful cel-shaded game.  This updated version of the game will include many new features, such as a new scenario, new party members, Street Pass functionality, and more.  It also needs to include a US release at some point.  The game will be released in Japan on August 27th.

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