The biggest N64 collection known to man(and woman) kind!

I’m not a video game collector, I amass amounts of games from time to time, but purely with the purpose of playing them. Generally instead of buying the newest Wii U or 3DS title, I’d rather grab an N64 or GC title from the past to re-kindle some lost memories. To be a video game collector, you have to be a special breed; you have to have all it takes within to be a gamer, with an undying will to master your craft of ‘completion-ism’ …and money… lot’s of money…

The Nintendo 64 made available a total of 387 games, however if you start to count slight regional variants and name changes, you will discover more. Over here in the PAL region, we were subject to 262 titles. The first 4 to release were Mario 64, Turok, Pilotwings and Star Wars: Shadow of the empire, the final game, Mario Party 3. Now at this point you’re thinking, ‘Nobody is crazy enough to collect of all these right, right!?’ – you’d be very wrong, in fact today I took a look at what a complete PAL collection of N64 games and console variants looked like, and it was magical

I’ll start with a link; – The original owner of this collection has painstakingly profiled everything within their collection, showing all the PAL releases (and some extra’s) in all of their glory. This website truly is a work of art, and something that help preserve the history of such a wonderful console

The collection now presides with Nick Browne of Vintage Gamer, a retro gaming specialist store in the heart of England. Nick was kind enough to show me some of this vast set, and I have some exclusive images I’d like to share with you all

Each game has been lovingly placed inside a box protector, each manual sealed in a dust proof sleeve

4 of the Australian PAL exclusive titles (how good was Snowboard Kids!)

A real gem. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine never had a PAL release, however here is a pre-production cart, containing the unreleased version!

9 ‘Not for re-sale’ carts. These were given to stores to demonstrate titles before and during release (these titles were not shipped in box)

Every PAL N64 console!

Another ‘Not for resale’ title. Yoshis Story INTERNATIONAL VERSION is an NTSC US cart, with the full version of the Japanese version of the game!

The box of treasures in all it’s entirety

What we all came for, Superman 64 is indeed present!

Needless to say I left with nothing. Some of these titles above would fetch in excess of £2,000 at last count. However as with all retro gaming items, the only real way to dictate a ‘market price’ is to use eBay as your guide – some of these things have not seen an eBay auction ever!

I’m looking forward to seeing what is bought up in the coming months, I’m glad to see the retro scene here in the UK, the N64 especially, is in full flow

For more information on the collection, search for ‘Vintage Gamer’ on Facebook

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