2 Awesome Studio Kickstarter Falls Victim To Apparent Scam

Dimension Drive

Kickstarter is both a place where dreams can be made, or hopes dashed upon the rocks. It’s not hard to imagine folks like Keiji Inafune or Koji Igarashi making their funding goals within weeks, days or hours. It’s another thing altogether to be a small studio scrapping and fighting to get funding for a project you believe in. That very thing happened to a studio called 2 Awesome Studio. They looked to Kickstarter to fund their sci-fi adventure game called Dimension Drive.

The studio was looking for €30,000 to fund their game. Earlier today with just hours to go it looked like they might fall short of their goal by a little more than €7,000. However one benevolent back by the name of Jonathan came in and pledged that amount getting them to their goal with very little time to spare. They took to Twitter to announce that the goal had been reached. They said Jonathan was their hero. Their goal had been made. The game had been funded. It looked like another success story.

Three hours later, however, a different story was being told. They tweeted out the following message.

Kickstarter Scam Tweet

The goal that they scraped by with just a few hours to spare was just as quickly taken away from them. Someone pledged the money to them knowing that it wasn’t going to be fulfilled. They had been trolled in the worst way possible. The studio was devestated. They thanked fans for their support and the outpouring of love they had received.

It doesn’t look like much can be done. The project failed to meet its goal so none of the funding that was pledged will be secured. Chances are that this studio will get their funding another way. The internet doesn’t really take kindly to trolls. It’s still heartbreaking for something like this to happen.

This isn’t the first time that there have been issues with fraudulent pledges on Kickstarter. Back in 2013 there was a story going around of someone who had scammed over 1,000 different projects with fraudulent pledges.

I hope 2 Awesome Studio ends up getting their project funded in some way. Dimension Drive looked really cool. I’ve reached out to the studio and hope that we can talk to them both about the project, this recent setback and what their plans for the future might be.

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