Super Paperman, local multi player action you can get behind!

Last week, Tony alerted me to a really cool like indie game that appeared on Kickstarter, Super Paperman

logoAfter doing my research into the game, I was super pumped to find out more about the title as it seemed right up my alley. Full of retro charm, a host of local multiplayer action and something really different

I caught up this week with Oswald Weber, Founder/CEO/Indie Game Developer of Secret Item Games – the company behind the title.

Oswald, firstly thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we’re really excited to see the development of this title! – How did you start getting into gaming personally?
That started at the age of 4 when I got my first game, the original Sonic on the Mega Drive. I became a Sonic fan with that game and I stayed it since then
9148e69cb1f2811fc3de03b37c915ad0_originalWe love Sonic here at Nintendo Okie too! – What would you call your favourite ever game?
Sonic 2 on the Sega Mega Drive. I don´t think that will ever change

Great choice, great soundtrack and probably my favourite MD game too. So what made you want to start making your own titles?
The above mentioned Sonic games started that. Other kids at that time wanted to become policemen or firefighters, I on the other hand wanted to make games. Over time those other people started to grow out of there childhood dreams. Guess I never did!

And Secret Item Games, what’s your past history of releases?
Super Paperman is actually the first “real” title we want to release. We did release a game called Cat Jutsu on the Google Play Store, but that was a 3 day Game Jam game we did, really just to see what happens on the Google Play Store when you release a free game without in-game purchases that only shows ads when the player wants to see them. We haven´t made a single cent with that game

Tell us about Super Paperman, what was the inspiration behind it?
I am always getting back to those Sonic games somehow, but that´s the game I loved as a kid and I want to create a game I would love as a kid. So with Super Paperman I started to create a fast-paced 2D game trying to get as close to those old Sonic games as I possible can and am legally allowed to!

e0ca5509cb4581b6de15d22ac636b74c_originalOne of the things I think is sorely missing in most releases is local multiplayer, you guys seem to put a lot of emphasis on local co-op play, is that important to you?Actually at first Super Paperman was a single player game, but at a local developer meeting people asked me if it would be possible to play my game with more people. I thought about it and really loved the idea especially since co-op games where really fun to play with friends
Can you sum up Super Paperman in one sentence?
A fast-paced 2D platformer you play with up to for players in your living room

Here at Nintendpals we’re a Nintendo focused podcast, I’d be really interested to know how the process works when developing for the Wii U, and what considerations do you have to make?
I can only tell you what I heard from Nintendo people, since I am not an official developer for Nintendo yet. I am for another consoles, but for Nintendo I am still in the application process. However the moment I am an official developer I can´t tell you anything anymore because then I have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)!

So you apply at to become a licensed developer. After a few weeks you get a reply where you have to sign a NDA. Next you get access to developer documentations and the developer forum. Then you can buy a Devkit for Nintendo consoles and develop with it. After that I have no idea… I am not at that point yet and if I am someday in the future then I can´t talk about it anymore!
Whats the future look like for Secret item games?
We are currently trying our luck with Kickstarter to see how that goes and get the word out that we and our games even exist. Kickstarter is always a risky bet and we don´t have a community yet. Even if we don´t succeed there we will still continue developing Super Paperman. We are currently looking into other financing options but we can assure you we will get the game out one way or another

Thanks again for your time Oswald

ebdf564f255148b8a34d760f1479b8a2_originalTo back Super Paperman via Kickstarter, visit

Secret Item Games are looking for €35,000 to fund the title and you have until Thursday June 11th 2015 at 3:36 AM BST to get behind them

You can find Secret Item Games on Twitter at and over at Facebook via

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